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The Genie Who Had Wishes of His Own-21st-Century Fables

Twenty-two brand new heroes, villains, and earnest strivers go after health, love, and fulfillment. These are fables we read when the children are asleep.

* Idealistic architect Zoe creates a building so green it might save the Earth--if she can protect it from the people living in it.
* Health food expert Myrna decides to rescue her husband from a nutritional wasteland. But Stanley's a big man who likes ice cream.
* Roger makes himself a multibillionaire by exploiting workers, squeezing expenses, and stretching loopholes--until he accidentally explodes his world.
* Nina, who knows exactly what she wants, finds a genuine genie, who discovers what he wants.

Endearing and determined, these trapeze artists, juggler, caterpillar, song sparrow, ballerina, and the rest are exactly who we want them to be: us. Our favorites walk beside us as private guardians and powerful allies.

"Fantastic!" --Ray Bradbury
"There is something hedonistic and luxurious inherent in these fables. . . . Look around for this book. You'll find it useful in countless social and literary ways." --Carolyn See
"Very clever." --Barnaby Conrad

Margaret read her flash fiction "Southern California, 2060" at UCSD's open-mic SHORT TALES FROM THE MOTHERSHIP in the Geisel Library on the University of California, San Diego campus and on the radio, and then at the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild Open Mic.


Her flash fiction "Welcome to BrightLook!" is the first runner up posted to read in the 2018 Summer Flash Fiction Contest at WOW: Women on Writing.  The link for reading this Spring 2018 contest is:    The WOW! Team members are talented, enthusiastic, supportive writers, and their contests are drawing writers from around the English-speaking world.

Margaret's interview came up on the WOW website on September 25th.