Margaret Harmon

The Genie Who Had Wishes of His Own: 21st-Century Fables

Why do genies in fairy tales and fables all over the world always offer us THREE MAGIC wishes? Why THREE? Why MAGIC? Why not 100? Why not ONE? E-mail Margaret Harmon your answer.

Fables are psychological power tools we use to become who we want to be. We each find our own fables--that help us escape fears or habits that limit us and that make OUR magic wishes come true. No one else can choose the fables that empower US.

In The Genie Who Had Wishes of His Own, twenty-two brand new heroes, heroines, and villains seek health, love, and fulfillment by 21st-century rules. Three very different genies offer magic wishes. We each choose the genie who works for us.

Selected Works

A New Book of Modern Fables
An American Aesop's newest fables help us become who we want to be --alone, together, or in a mob. Perfect for troubled times, fables are problem-solving tools.
Birding Humor
Birders watch birds--and other birders. That's the premise of Margaret Harmon's laugh-out-loud parody in classic field guide format. It identifies our favorite companions on the trail--and the few we'd like to strangle. "[It shows] why birding is so much fun." BIRDING Magazine
Modern Fables
explores life's most serious issues--by playing with them. These sly tales, surprising and rich, empower as they amuse."Hedonistic and luxurious"Los Angeles Times

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